Music’s Takin’ Over

Music’s Takin’ Over

John Whitehead, Gene McFadden, Victor Carstarphen
Mighty Three Music
Produced by John Whitehead, Gene McFadden, Victor Carstarphen
Executive Producers : Kenneth Gamble & Leon Huff

Les Paroles :

Music is a teacher
That can teach you right from wrong
If you listen closely (well)
There’s a lesson in the song
Music is a doctor
That can cure a troubled mind
Listen to the music (say it again)
The rhythms and the rhymes

[Singalong] :

(‘Cause) Music’s takin’ over
Music makes you dance
Music’s takin’ over
Just give music a chance (say it again)

Music is a comfort
When you’re all alone
Just turn up your music
And you don’t need nobody home
Music is a power
People depend on every day
They make their decisions
By the records that they play

[Singalong] :

Let’s dance, let’s dance, let’s dance
Music is a sound
That makes the boys and girls get down