Keep The Fire (Kenny Loggins)

Keep The Fire (Kenny Loggins)

Sur l’album Keep The Fire de Kenny Loggins Michael Jackson fait les choeurs sur la chanson « Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong » avec Richard Page. Chanson écrite par Kenny Loggins et Richard Page.

1. Love Has Come Of Age (3:51)
2. Mr. Night (3:20)
3. This Is It (4:06)
4. Junkanoo Holiday (Fallin’ – Flyin’) (4:30)
5. Now And Then (3:52)
6. Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong (5:38)
7. Keep The Fire (4:34)
8. Give It Half A Chance (4:57)
9. Will It Last (5:50)

Les Paroles de « Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong » :

I’ve grown tired of fighting
Whether you’re right or wrong
Whether I’m weak or strong in your eyes
‘Cause this is a lonely feeling
Watching you turn away
Why does it have to be this way?

On and on tonight
You’ve made a point of being right
Making this a game instead of love
You should know
Where this goes.

Someone’s heart will surely be broken
Before too long
If we keep on playing this game
Of right or wrong

Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong
When love is gone?
Who’s right or wrong — false or true
Never used to matter to you.

You’re almost crying
Saying « I’ve gotta run »
Easier said than done
Tell me why
I want to know what you’re hiding
Turn around and look at me
I’ve never been this hard to see before

If we’d only come together
For a moment here tonight
You could hold me tight
And ease your troubled mind
You should know
Where this goes
Someone’s heart will surely be broken
Before too long,
If we keep on playing this game
Of right or wrong.

Right or wrong, lady
Right or wrong, baby
I’m right, you’re wrong lady
You’re right, I’m wrong, baby

Talkin’ about who’s right or wrong
It never really matters
when your love is gone
Sayin’ it out
This right is wrong
If all our lovin’ is gone.